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Rompies with Ruby!

Hi Everybody!

Well, let’s see.  It’s been a while since we talked.  How were your New Years Eve celebrations?  Codename:Stabby had a migraine and went to bed early, but I hung out with my nephews and niece and Stabby’s Sister.  We stayed up late and I ate lots of junk food, so it was great.  And I destroyed my Christmas present chew toy, so that was super fun.  Also, it wasn’t raining.

I had two great sunny rompies also.  I met a new friend, name of Mr. Crow.  He was hanging out on the upper football field and I ran over to say hi.  He said hi back and flew around and I chased him for a while.  We had fun.  Then he flew to the baseball field and sat up high on the fence and I barked at him and he said bye and flew home.

Yesterday it rained again and it’s raining today too.  I rompied in the rain and mud on the football field.  There are some BIG puddles up there, which are great to slip and slide in.  Oh! There was a truck parked on the other side of the fence, so I stood watch over it and while I was there a van pulled up! It was so exciting! People got out and bustled around and I supervised them.  They said hi to me and smiled.  Then they got in their cars and drove away.

Here I am now.  How great is my bed?  I love flannel so much.  Anyway, I get the feeling that there might not be a rompie today.  It’s pouring so hard that when I went out to pee I turned around and came right back in, so…

Rompies with Ruby

Hi haters!!  Well, it seems that Codename:Stabby got some hate mail because I called you Crasstalkers “dicks”. You Crasstalkers have some thin skin for such a tough name and that’s all I have to say on that issue.

Anyway, we didn’t go rompies today because it is raining. AGAIN.  But, we did go rompies yesterday and it was AWESOME!!  We went to our regular place but we took a different trail before the one that goes up the mountain, which is the one we usually take.  So this new trail is flat and goes along the river.  It.  Was.  Great!   I got off the leash for four miles!  Codename:Stabby did her intervals and we had a great time.  Also, it was sunny and warm.  No pics though because we left the phone at home.  Then we got groceries and went to the post office and went home.  I had tuna juice on my food for dinner and then I slept.  It was a great day.

It’s supposed to rain again tomorrow, which I am not at all happy about.  I think I’ll probably get a rompie on the upper football field at the high school again.  That seems to be our rainy day routine.

Rompies with Ruby

Hi cats and kitties!!  Here I am on our Christmas Eve rompies.  We escaped the family hahaha.   Anyway, it was really hot, but that’s cool.  It’s better than the rain we had for the last week.  My rompies were not at all excellent last week.  But!  Like I said, today was hot and sunny, and we rompied for three miles, which was not really enough but Codename:Stabby got lazy last week and it’s all she could manage.  Whatever.

Anyway, we met a nice man in a Jeep coming down the mountain when we we’re going up and he said I was “nice” which was nice of him.  Then I sat in the river which was really cold, which surprised me.  But I got a good drink, and then we left and came home and I took a little nap then we went to Burger King for dinner, which I love.  I had a Whopper Jr., which I love.

Ok, so have a great Christmas my fellow doggies!!  I hope you get chewies and tennis balls!  I’ll check in later.

Rainy Rompies with Ruby

Well.  Here I am with my 8yo nephew.  We’re wet.  I don’t really like it all that much.

I did not have a decent rompie all weekend because of the rain.  But, we did errands today and then went to the upper football field at the high school and I got to run around in the pouring rain in the puddles and I had a blast.  I am soaked!  It’s not so bad now, because I am laying on the warm bed drying out.  And the Cabin will smell like me!  Which is how it should be.

Baking with Stabby Croissant shopping list reminder!

Hey all you bakers and baker-wannabes!!  Quick reminder for you to brave the grocery store today and get 2 pounds of flour (!), eggs, milk, sugar, and butter (I get the Kerrygold UNsalted – it’s freaking delicious).  Then find a big mixing bowl and your rolling pin, and a couple of cookie sheets.  Oh, and make sure you have saran wrap.  That’s it! Oh wait, if you want filled, get some jams or whatever.  Don’t get the cheap crap, get something a bit pricey that has sugar and not HFCS.

Croissant is not that difficult, but it is time-consuming and a little bit moody depending on the weather.  Those of us in Cali are going to have a time of it I tell you, what with all the rain.

So tune in tomorrow at around noon-ish pacific time.  I’ll be sortof liveblogging the prep with cell phone pics of the mess.  You can post your questions in the comments and I’ll do my best to help you through.  The full recipe is down the main page if you lost it.

Come bake with Stabby!  Your xmas dinner will thank you.

#Crasstalk Movie Liveblog

Ok Crasstalkers.  Let’s EDIT:  GET DRUNK AND watch movies together.

We’ll figure out a date, maybe the second week opposite Book Club? and then agree on a movie to rent/stream/torrent/watch/drink/imbibe/partake together and liveblog the fun.

The movie can be artsy or foreign or a classic classic or a modern classic.  Leave your suggestions in the replies and we’ll get this party started.

Gawkerdating Missed Connection

It all started when I was walking around Iceland, minding my own business. Suddenly, a tall skinny guy with white hair and a funny foreign accent came up to me and complimented my lips. I was overwhelmed with our instant chemistry and so I kissed him! Right there in the street! On the lips!

Then we went back to his place (it was kinda weird and remote, just like him – swooooon!) and had silent but passionate sex. When I woke he was gone, but there was an email from him on my blackberry! He missed me! But he had to leave because apparently he’s bringing down the oligarchical New World Order, or something? I don’t know, he wasn’t really clear on that. It seems very hush-hush.

Anyway. I don’t really know where we stand now because I just saw him on tv from London. He seems busy these days. I didn’t get any emails at all from him for the last three weeks. Hopefully now that he’s out he’ll email me again, but like I said, he seems busy. I may fly to Sweden though and try to catch up with him there. I hear he may be going there for business.

Well, if you made it this far, thanks for reading. I’ll keep you posted, and wish me luck! I really like this guy, he seems like a keeper.

Love, Codename:Stabby

Fartin’ Around with Ruby

Hi fans and Dawgz!!  Well, it’s raining today so no rompies 🙁  But here is a picture of me from a few days ago.

We went rompies yesterday and it was awesome!  First, we got there and Codename:Stabby realized that I got into the car naked and did not have on my collar or leash, so we almost had to go home, which was not awesome.  But a nice fit runner lady in the car next to us heard Codename:Stabby’s swears as she looked for the spare leash and gave us a rope which I used as a leash.  Rompie saved!!  On rompies we met a Forest Department guy in a truck and he told me that I am awesome, so that was pretty good.  Then we went back to the car and drove back to town and did some errands and went home.  Then I ate and went to sleep.

All in all it was a good day.  Toes crossed that we get some rompies this weekend!

Rompies with Ruby

Today’s rompie was Grrrrrrreat!  We had the place to ourselves which meant I got to go off leash!  I ran around like a Blue Moon Lunatic.  We only did two miles, but I was off leash, like I said, so it was great.  Here’s a picture of me with my leash off.

People tell me that I’ve leaned out and slimmed down since getting to California.

Anyway, if you’re in my neck of the woods and you want to go rompies, email or twitter me and we’ll hook it up Dawg!

Crasstalk is going all twitter on your asses!

That’s right readers, writers, ponderers and scribes, we’re going big.  BMC gave his blessing and everything.

So here’s the vision: we snark, we make light, we comment crassly. And from the best and most glorious of our witticisms and insights we (meaning I, Stabby) tweet our brilliance to the world.

Crasstalk: we broadcast your pithy genius to the world (anonymously, of course).

ETA: we need a good avatar.  Anyone have any ideas?  All I can come up with are pretty vintage dresses, so…