Rompies with Ruby!

Hi Everybody!

Well, let’s see.  It’s been a while since we talked.  How were your New Years Eve celebrations?  Codename:Stabby had a migraine and went to bed early, but I hung out with my nephews and niece and Stabby’s Sister.  We stayed up late and I ate lots of junk food, so it was great.  And I destroyed my Christmas present chew toy, so that was super fun.  Also, it wasn’t raining.

I had two great sunny rompies also.  I met a new friend, name of Mr. Crow.  He was hanging out on the upper football field and I ran over to say hi.  He said hi back and flew around and I chased him for a while.  We had fun.  Then he flew to the baseball field and sat up high on the fence and I barked at him and he said bye and flew home.

Yesterday it rained again and it’s raining today too.  I rompied in the rain and mud on the football field.  There are some BIG puddles up there, which are great to slip and slide in.  Oh! There was a truck parked on the other side of the fence, so I stood watch over it and while I was there a van pulled up! It was so exciting! People got out and bustled around and I supervised them.  They said hi to me and smiled.  Then they got in their cars and drove away.

Here I am now.  How great is my bed?  I love flannel so much.  Anyway, I get the feeling that there might not be a rompie today.  It’s pouring so hard that when I went out to pee I turned around and came right back in, so…

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