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Project Runway Season 11 Episode 4 Liveblog

project-runway-26Today is Valentine’s Day, which means that if you have anything remotely resembling a romantic life and said romantic life is subject to the vicissitudes of American consumerism, you’ll likely be out celebrating with your schmoopie or something. For the rest of us, tonight is a gift in the form of Tim Gunn and Heidi Klum and called Project Runway.

Last week, the teams were forced to construct looks for Heidi’s latest soon-to-fail project, a fragrance named “Surprise.” I’d be surprised if it didn’t smell like hell and damnation. And why does every two-bit model, singer, actor, or idiot who did a sex tape have a fragrance? These are questions I think about. Continue reading

It’s the Britta of Timelines Community Season 4 Episode 2 Live Blog

Gillian_Jacobs_at_PaleyFestYou didn’t think every Community episode was going to be really good, did you?  Oct 19th was like finding out you got socks instead of toys for Xmas or going to bed with Annie and waking up with Pierce.  It wasn’t what Community fans wanted, hoped or dare I say, expected.  After rewatching the episode, I noticed that it could have been a good one, but there was something seriously off.  Maybe it was first day jitters?  Maybe it was that the new show runners have a different idea?  Or it was the worst The Big Bang Theory parody ever?  Yet, here we are ready for Round Two of the Post Dan Harmon era.

Continue reading

What Images Can Be Legally Used for a Blog?


Can I use that great image I found on Google to illustrate my blog post? Probably not, but here are the rules for what images you can use.

First a small primer on copyright law. In the US every photograph is copyright protected at the moment the photographer takes the photo. Copyrights have a very long duration. For works created after January 1, 1978 the copyright lasts for the creator’s life plus 70 years. It’s best to assume that any image you find online is newer than that, unless you can prove otherwise. If you were the photographer, then of course you are free to use your own image in any way you want. Continue reading

Douchebag Celebrities That I Love

Bad Romance - Douchebag Celebrities That I LoveOur dear CaptainSnarky recently posted an image of LL Cool J and Chris Dorner remarking on their resemblance and noting that he’d bang Dorner silly if he wasn’t, you know, a psycho killer.

Snark’s confession has prompted me to come out of the closet and share my deep dark secret. There are celebrities hated by most Crassies and probably most right thinking people, who make my naughty parts tingle. When others are slamming these celebrities, I sit quietly, maybe nodding as if in agreement, but inside I am thinking, I’d do him in a heartbeat. Who are these doods? Continue reading

How To Apologize

Let’s set the scene. You agreed to watch your best friend’s bird while she went on a month-long trip. You didn’t have experience in caring for birds, but she made it clear that all you had to do was clean the cage, put out new food and water every day, and make sure her place was not freezing cold. Pretty simple, right? What you didn’t know is that the bird recently figured out how to open its cage door, and it liked to roam around her apartment. One day you came home, the bird flew out the front door over your head, hit the cold outdoor air and dropped like a stone to the ground. What to do, what to do? Continue reading