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Happy…whatever day it is, Crasstalkers! It was a quietish week here, but I have your roundup of the week’s posts and Comment of the Week — I’m just a bit behind schedule. First, though, let’s conduct some business. As usual, your weekly PSA: If you wish to nominate a comment or comments for Comment of the Week (COW), please take a screenshot of your nomination and email it to me: crasstalkcow at gmail. If it’s several comments long, it’s okay to only send me a screenshot of the first comment or two, but! *puts on broken record* Always remember to tell me what post or OT the comment comes from. Now, the next piece of business:

Since it seems to be a struggle every week to motivate you to send nominations, and since it came up in the COW post a couple of weeks ago, we’re going to switch things up a little. I still urge you to send me those comments by your fellow commenters that you feel merit a nomination, but from now on please also consider sending me what you consider to be your strongest comment of the week. What comment of yours did people fonz to high heaven? What comment of yours did you think was brillz but sadly got overlooked because nobody understands you like Glinda understands you? What comments of yours sparked the most discussion? Send them to me!

The same parameters will still apply. I will continue to write this post using only what is sent to me (with some rare exceptions). I will consider everything sent to me, but ultimately the decision is up to me: you may think it’s a great comment, I may think it’s full of stank. So stop whining when not all of your precious nominations make it into the post. Okay! Put on your lip gloss and send me your best bon mots, bitches.

Remains of the Day

BadKarma asked to see how you keep cool in PhotoPhriday. Lauren wondered if Channing Tatum is the new Marilyn Monroe. Jarrod’s blind items are here.


BaldwinP explained the LIBOR scandal.

Gay Canada Day

GtCosita shared a recipe for Panamanian ceviche. Printersanonymous put a very real, personal face on the health care debate. Delta Sierra wished you a happy Canada Day. LaZiguezon showed you around Five Abandoned Places. Summeroflove told you about the dramatic Mexican elections. GI ripped some new assholes.


Dancing_Queen counted down the ten most annoying commercials. Momof3 told you about bronies.

HereSheIsBoys delved into the intricacies of language. Lauren gave you a Hollywood Caller and told you that Anderson Cooper is officially gay. In other news, water is wet. MonkeyBiz’s sausage is here.


GtCosita showed you some fug July mag covers. BizMonkee reviewed The Amazing Spider Man. Alluson quoted a bunch of bullshit RMoney said about health care. Amazon WW taught you how to open and serve wine like a pro. Momof3 told you about the scientific reason for cat ladies. MonkyBiz’s sausage is here. Jarrod’s blind items are here. DogsOfWar exploded your brains with an exercise in “Call Me Maybe” a cappella maximalism. Lauren gave you a Hollywood Caller. Meanwhile, in the OT:

America, Fuck Yeah!

TS gave you the 411 on the Fast and Furious scandal. Boredcoworker wrote a post about accents. GI shared Ten Photos About America.


Boredcoworker shared some recession-proof cocktail recipes. MonkeyBiz’s sausage is here. Lauren told you about CainTV and the likeliehood that Worst Person in the World will likely post bail. Lauren also gave you a Hollywood Caller. Damn, Lauren, you been busy!


MareeStelle took a look at the TomKat split and the role Scientology is going to play in it. Bots urged you to listen to Donnie & Joe Emerson. MonkeyBiz’s sausage is here. Lauren showed you some pictures of a vacationing RMoney. Here is Bots on the case of the ridiculously fast super moonwalk dance. BadKarma told you to give him the f*cking keys, you f*cking c*cksucker in PhotoPhriday. Jarrod’s blind items are here. Bots shared his Super Moonwalk Mix in the Friday Night DJ Party.


Boredcoworker bit into the TomKat divorce. BizMonkee asked what’s on your sexytime playlist. Momof3 directed you to a quiz to confirm your internet addiction.


It was a slow week here at Crasstalk, but that did not stop you from bringing the funny, and bringing it hard. In deploying the “Ermahgerd” meme, Dancing Queen is your leader. Bow to her. From Thursday’s OT, I give you your Comment of the Week:

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