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Apparently What We’re Missing In This World Is Olfactory Art

Belgian artist Peter de Cupere has decided that what the world needs is to embrace the stink. And the stinkier the better, because just why not? Body odor can surely be art, right? But of course, if you can produce it from an orifice, someone might as well smell it and remark on how ingenious it is that you, a human being, can produce a smell for mass consumption.

Art. It’s all about giving it your all, with your armpits. No! With your thigh-sweat…No! Well, with something. Continue reading

Watch Medical Students Diagnose People on the Internet

I learned about a weirdly cool message board yesterday thanks to an old friend who happens to be in medical school. Apparently there’s a forum where medical students can go to practice diagnosing people’s diseases based only on photographs of skin lesions, bizarre growths and other disorders. It’s strangely fun reading the educated guesses of soon-to-be medical professionals. Is that toxic epidermal necrolysis? No asshole, it’s clearly a case of gengivostomatitis herpetica!  Continue reading