Watch Medical Students Diagnose People on the Internet

I learned about a weirdly cool message board yesterday thanks to an old friend who happens to be in medical school. Apparently there’s a forum where medical students can go to practice diagnosing people’s diseases based only on photographs of skin lesions, bizarre growths and other disorders. It’s strangely fun reading the educated guesses of soon-to-be medical professionals. Is that toxic epidermal necrolysis? No asshole, it’s clearly a case of gengivostomatitis herpetica! 

The site,, has a forum called Spot Diagnosis featuring more than 1500 pictures of medical maladies followed by educated guesses about what we’re looking at. And most of the time the moderator who puts the pictures up will provide the answer once everyone has guessed. It’s like a quiz! Spending half an hour on this sites makes me realize that the human body is an absolute horror show.

As for the photo above? Well that would appear to be lyme disease. (This is the only picture on the entire site that won’t make you BLERGGGGGGG all over your computer screen.)

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