Orly Taitz Is Running for Senate

Imagine my surprise when scanning the list of people I wasn’t going to nominate for Senate to come across Orly Taitz. You know, the birther dentist lawyer. Apparently she’s hoping Californians will nominate her to run for Senate, and her campaign videos are awesome.

Of course she has no chance of winning against Dianne Fienstien, and isn’t really sure how to spell Dianne, but that should never stop someone from running.

On her official Orly Taitz for US Senate 2012 home page there are two videos that seem to have been produced by a local access aficionado we learn about Orly’s past growing up in the Soviet Union and a bit of good old fashioned fear mongering.

A sound studio can be expensive to rent, so recording in a large space with a lot of people was really her only option.

From the video we learn that according to Google searches Orly is leading Fienstien? Assuming that she means pages that mention her then, yes there are a lot of those. But last time I checked Google does not reveal the number of searches people carry out for specific terms. Also, crazy people tend to attract a lot of attention.

I think this video was recorded on an old tape deck. But that might be giving it too much credit. And this version is the one with improved sound. Though, I did enjoy her use of the crazy eyes treatment of the current California elected officials. Followed shortly by a photo of Orly with Bachmann to really bring the point home. “She has no off switch” might be the most accurate statement in the 4 minute video.

To prove that she is really committed to running for the US Senate seat of the nation’s most populous and prosperous state she uses a gmail address to solicit donations. You should hit her up on gChat and see how the campaign is going.

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