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These Animals Are Illegal to Keep as Pets in New York City

pet_pigThe AP has a deeply pun laden story about families who flaunt the law by keeping even toed ungulates, pigs if you must, even though they are banned by the New York City health code.

To help potential pet owners in New York City determine which side of the law they fall on, here is the complete list of animals that are illegal to own in New York City. Continue reading

Hiring Downton Abbey Employees Marks New Wealthy New Yorker Trend


For some, watching the PBS series Downton Abbey about an aristocratic English family and their bevy of house servants isn’t just a way to piddle away the hours on Sunday nights. Oh, no. Metro New York reports that with the success of the show some of the super-rich would like to make changes to their needs in domestic staffers and hire their own Mr. Carson or Anna, the lady’s maid. Continue reading