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These Animals Are Illegal to Keep as Pets in New York City

pet_pigThe AP has a deeply pun laden story about families who flaunt the law by keeping even toed ungulates, pigs if you must, even though they are banned by the New York City health code.

To help potential pet owners in New York City determine which side of the law they fall on, here is the complete list of animals that are illegal to own in New York City. Continue reading

Saturday News: Taxes, gas, and LOLbears

I refuse to give up image macros
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  • A new “DNA spray” is being used in Amsterdam to catch thieves by covering them with a non-washable mist in the event of a hold-up, which is filled with chemical that correspond to a specific time and place. Invisible to the naked eye, it can be seen under a UV light, and can also be used on objects.
  • A new study by the Congressional Budget Office shows federal taxes are for the third year in a row lower than under the Bush administration, and are actually at their lowest level since the Truman administration.
  • Gas prices are at a record high for this time of year.
  • Are you ready for this one, dog lovers? Inmates at a Missouri prison taught a deaf dachshund to respond to sign language, and then gave him to a school for deaf children.

Happy Saturday, crasstalkers.