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The Best Sound of Music, Live! Facebook Feed Posts

sound_of_music_cowSome of you actually saw the “Sound of Music, Live!” I’m willing to bet a lot of you had someone updating their Facebook about how awful it was. Mine was a riot, well, for the most part.

Since it seemed unfair to deprive the Crass Community of such gems, I’ve scoured my feed to bring you the Best of Rowen’s Sound of Music Facebook Feed. Note that there are no mentions of pizza. That could be a plus or a minus. Continue reading

The Problem With NBC’s Smash

Many of us were skeptical about NBC’s launch of a show about the underbelly of Broadway, and in conjunction, one rife with musical routines. NBC, not known for big risks, or musical theater, has struggled with their dramatic formula for the past few seasons. Now they planned to attempt drama and in a musical format? We were mostly afraid it would be some low rent Glee offering, with all the pap and cheesetastic nuance that has consumed the once lauded Ryan Murphy juggernaut. Continue reading

Turning Off the Snark on Spiderman

In the musical theater world, there is the legend of Carrie: The Musical. Yes, I said Carrie: the Musical. It was an ill-conceived piece that showed up on Broadway in the ‘80’s and didn’t make it out of previews. It left people agog, and theater queens to this day are still talking about it. Here’s a clip! Since then, theatergoers have been seeking out the next Carrie, for the lulz. Many people thought Spiderman: Turn Off the Dark was going to raise the bar for flops. That being said, what’s playing now at the Foxwoods theater isn’t a flop, and seems to have enough staying power to stick around, for better or for worse. Continue reading