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The Best Sound of Music, Live! Facebook Feed Posts

sound_of_music_cowSome of you actually saw the “Sound of Music, Live!” I’m willing to bet a lot of you had someone updating their Facebook about how awful it was. Mine was a riot, well, for the most part.

Since it seemed unfair to deprive the Crass Community of such gems, I’ve scoured my feed to bring you the Best of Rowen’s Sound of Music Facebook Feed. Note that there are no mentions of pizza. That could be a plus or a minus. Continue reading

Here’s Your New Maria von Trapp! Carrie Underwood

No, NBC, you may not ruin The Sound of Music. But Haha! Who are we kidding? This is NBC we’re talking about. Today it was announced that NBC has cast country singer Carrie Underwood as Maria Von Trapp in their three-hour Sound of Music live broadcast. We assume this means Taylor Swift never made it to the top of their short list? Seems totally unlikely, we know. But maybe she was preoccupied house hunting for a place to live exactly seven inches away from her latest love interest. Continue reading