Today in Wingnuttery: Get on the (Canadian) Bus

The Patriots© at Glenn Beck’s The Blaze have uncovered a grave scandal in the Obama administration. Actually, they copied a story word for word from The New York Post, but taking the time to write up your own summary is socialism, so what the hell. Anyway, Nobama has once again proven to be a treacherous enemy of America by purchasing a tour bus that was made in socialist Canada!

Actually,  The Post story admits that only the shell of the bus was manufactured in Canada. The interior was customized and the bus was sold to Secret Service in 2010 by Hemphill Brothers Coach Company, which is located in freedom-loving Tennessee. A (presumably) annoyed spokesperson for the Secret Service points out that the buses meet specific requirements to protect candidates and may even be used to transport the 2012 Republican nominee.

However, this doesn’t matter to the Beck faithful who know it is just another example of Obama’s clear hatred for America. To make matters worse, the bus does not even have an American flag painted on the side in the tasteful style of a Sarah Palin or a Herman Cain (note: Herman Cain has not raised enough donations to afford a bus). Silly Democrats, everyone knows an unwillingness to display gaudy symbols of patriotism exposes a treasonous heart.

Anyway, here are a few voices for The Real America explaining the situation for us.

As Lovesoursoldiers (really dude?) points out. It’s not about the bus, it is about everything:

I’m actually a little confused by this guy:

However, at least one Blaze reader smells a little bullshit:


But, it just doesn’t matter. Let’s just go with the obligatory racism:


Remember folks, the Tea Party isn’t racist, and anyone who says so is a racist themselves:


Good Lord, run for your lives America.

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