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Waze Has Made All Radar Detectors Obsolete

Even casual motorists are always on the look out for the 5-0, not wanting to get pulled over. But for road warriors the speed trap is less of a statistical likelihood and more of an absolute certainty. You don’t want to get a huge ticket (with hefty fees on top of the fine) just for accidentally going 5MPH over while passing that hyper-miling Prius that refuses to budge off 63MPH.

For years I held onto the greatest radar detector ever made, the Valentine One. But the Google owned Waze smartphone app has finally convinced me to put away the V1 and sign onto the future. Continue reading

Truckers Ride for the Constitution, America Shrugs, Laughs

ff_truck1The nation’s capitol was brought to a standstill mildly inconvenienced Friday as thousands dozens maybe eighteen or so four truckers descended on Washington as part of the Truckers Ride for the Constitution, a truck-based protest designed to “shut down America” and “restore constitutional government.” Organizers denied the event was just a stunt to promote James Franco’s reboot of Smokey and the Bandit, and claimed 10,000 truckers would show up. USA Today puts the number that actually showed up as approximately three. Some photos show as many as four trucks. Fox News and Politico put the number as high as thirty. Some of the truckers may be extra-dimensional travelers from Earth 61-A, where Separatist cyborg-general Barack 0-9AMA overthrew beloved President Will Romney in a bloody coup. These extra-dimensional travelers may be unaware that in this dimension, human Barack Obama soundly defeated cyborg Willard Romney, giving the manbot a humiliating electoral loss that was well within Constitutional parameters. What the truckers from either dimension planned to actually do is unclear, though there was some speculation that they would engage in the obscure quasi-Constitutional practice known as “truckerpeachment” in an effort to remove Barack Obama from office. Continue reading