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Project Runway All-Stars Season 2 Finale Liveblog

project-runway-all-stars-1 Oh, thank the baby Jesus, this is almost over!

Last week, the Final Four took a thirty minute trip to France, had to sit on the back row at some dull couture event, buy a lot of fabric and make sure they didn’t miss the red eye back to NYC in order to design a couture outfit. The results were…less than inspiring. The judges wisely decided that Joshua needed to be sent packing, leaving Emilio, Anthony Ryan, and Uli as the final three. Tonight, it all ends before Project Runway: Teams debuts. Continue reading

Project Runway All-Stars Season 2 Episode 11 Liveblog

project-runway-all-stars-1 Oh, hai there! Is this season almost over with? Because, really, I am missing Tim and Heidi. I’m also tired of watching Emilio’s long, slow slide into losing and Anthony Ryan’s inexplicable wins.

Ok, so last week, Ivy was sent packing, and in a move that surprised absolutely no one, the final four remained the final four, with no one being sent home. Joshua’s eyebrows continue to frighten small children. And adults. Nevertheless, this version of the Real Woman challenge once again showed that Joshua can be kind of sweet when he’s not running around as a walking caricature. Continue reading

Project Runway All-Stars Season 2 Episode 10 Liveblog

project-runway-all-stars-1 This season just chugs along, doesn’t it? Oh, well. Last week saw the exit of Ivy Higa… and yet another win for Anthony Ryan Auld. Another. Win. For a fairly pedestrian look! I don’t know what’s going on with this season, but it needs to stop. And what was with that weird Marchesa infomercial two weeks ago? Oy.

Anyway, tonight’s festivities involve the designers designing for Real Women–in this case, women of the Armed Forces. Ven Budhu would shit his pants, but something tells me that these “All-Stars” won’t complain about designing for Real Women. But you can complain about the awful designs and heinous judging in the comments! Join us, and let us snark on the first Project Runway of the New Year! Continue reading

Project Runway All-Stars Season 2 Episode 8 Liveblog

project-runway-all-stars-1 Greetings, fellow Project Runway fans! Well, this season’s been a bit of a letdown, hasn’t it? I mean, the fashions have hardly been awe-inspiring, the judges have been lackluster, and there’s hardly been any drama between the designers! Last week, we bid adieu to Casanova, whose design was a loser amongst a sea of horrid designs in a horrid Unconventional Materials challenge involving the (mis)use of Christmas decorations. Uli deservedly won, as her design was the least offensive to the eyes. Continue reading

Project Runway All Stars Season 2 Episode 7 Liveblog

Greetings, slaves to fashion reality TV! Last week, we bid adieu to Althea at the end of an allegedly “green” challenge. It was a fairly snoozetastic episode. At any rate, we’re here for yet another installment of All-Stars…which, this season has pretty much been anything but. Tonight’s episode appears to involve using items found at a Christmas store. I expect a metric ton of tackiness to sashay down the runway. Join us in the comments below and let’s comment on the craptacular attempts at fashion that will be foisted upon an innocent world tonight! Continue reading

Project Runway All-Stars Season 2 Episode 2 Liveblog

Oh, Peach, we hardly knew you again.

I mean, come on. Who among you was surprised when Peach got the old heave-ho last week? I certainly wasn’t, for she is certainly the least crazy of this particular assemblage of “all-stars.”

Ok, so here we go with the second episode of this season of “All-Stars.” And who is this host? Carolyn Murphy isn’t even Heidi-lite. She’s more like HeidiHardly. Or HardlyHeidi. This woman is definitely not going to have a line of crappy baby wear. Well, thank Heidi it’s Thursday, because it’s time to pull up a chair, pour a BIG glass and snark with us! Join us as we rip the “fashions” and the sewtestants!

Photo from Continue reading

Project Runway All-Stars Season 2 Episode 1 Liveblog

Did you miss us, darlings?

Right on the heels of a rather tepid season of Project Runway comes Project Runway: No Tim, Heidi, or Nina! Actually, it’s Project Runway: All-Stars…or the people who were comedy/drama magnets during their season. Either way, Lifetime hopes that you’ll find this batch of sewtestants intriguing enough to endure Yoplait and Activiaaaaaaaaa! commercials and promos for the next White Woman In Danger movie starring Rob Lowe. Continue reading

Project Runway Season 10 Finale Liveblog

It’s finally, actually, really, truly here, kittens! The Project Runway Season 10 Finale! Unlike last week, in which there were no surprises, no one got sent home, no one was told that they suck and should never touch fabric ever again–not that anybody watched (at least, not me), because everyone was busy watching Uncle Joe Biden slap douchey P90x VP candidate Paul Ryan upside the head.
Continue reading

Project Runway Season 10 Pre-Finale

Project Runway pre-finaleWelp, it is Episode 13 kids, the lucky one that decides who REALLY is in Fashion Week (besides all of the other ones that have already done a show). Christopher, Dmitry, Fabio and Melissa are going and we are too. One will be eliminated before the finale.  Any predictions? Will Melissa send down a runway of clothing in black? Will Dmitry decide he’s had enough of this silliness and just accio principatus? Will Fabio be able to finally afford a real hat? So many questions. Continue reading

Project Runway Season 10 Episode 11 Liveblog

Project Runway Episode 11Good evening, kiddies! And by kiddies, I mean that literally. Kids. Guess what tonight’s challenge is about? Ever more shameless self promotion Designing for Heidi’s new line of kids’ clothing. According to the previews even designing for babies, somehow the designers seem to not be able to entirely cover their asses just like their models. At least babies wear diapers. (Or do they?) So let’s see who’s #1 this week in the Lifetime polls … aaand it is no contest: Elena is still at 42, up one point from last time. She probably took away our venemous buddha’s point because she’s such a jerk. Continue reading