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AIG, Bank of America Remind Us of the Brilliance of Capitalism

If you spent anytime watching the NFL playoffs on the old TV box over the weekend, it’s likely that you came across AIG’s not-terribly-subtle and entirely self-congratulatory commercials touting both their work in recent disasters and  gratitude towards the American public and the federal government that bailed the firm out during the 2008 crash. This being America, home of freedom, capitalism and blind plutocratic entitlement, that’s not all AIG was up to the last few days. Continue reading

Financial Blogger to Jamie Dimon – ‘What We Hate are the Predators’

How does an oligarch spend his time prior to the holidays? Buying out entire floors of FAO Schwartz? Flying in a plane full of hookers and coke?

Well, if the oligarch in question is JP Morgan chairman Jamie Dimon, you complain to anyone who listens that the mean folks whose economy you helped crash and homes you foreclosed while pocketing $23M in 2010 are being mean to you.  Continue reading