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Four Female Role Models in Country Music

Country music traffics, at times, in some pretty tired stories about men and women, but it is crammed to the gills with talented women who have led fascinating lives.  Here is a list of four women, whose careers cover the span of country recording, whose examples I would be proud to emulate.  And with the exception of the first, they continue to write and perform today. Continue reading

Confessions of an Androgyne

I was a tomboy from the jump.  While I played with boys and with girls, and had a female best friend, I detested “girls’ games” and girls’ things and hated going along with them.  For example, I refused to play House unless I could be “the dad,” refused to play Office unless I could be “the [male] boss,” and preferred to play-act a Wild West shoot-’em-up, Holmesian detective drama, or high seas swashbuckling adventure rather than dress dolls.  This is not an original story.  A lot of girls are tomboys growing up.  Many of them change their gender expression as they get older.  Some don’t.  Some people born with girls’ bodies and boys’ habits gradually discover that they will not be able to live authentically unless they change their bodies to be more visibly masculine.  Some don’t.  Continue reading