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NFL 2012 – The Week Bots Finally Decided to Stab Andy Reid in the Face


The election is over, finished and done,
It’s time for football, time for some fun.
Poor Mitt Romney, never thought he would fail,
Now you are free to discuss which celebrities you would nail.
Don’t worry you junkies, never should you fear.
Before you know it, the midterms will be here.
So sit right down and pull up a seat,
My recaps on the season just can’t be beat. 

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NFL 2012 – Midseason Prediction Review

TrophyWeek 8 is in the book and I thought instead of writing a recap of what happened during the week we’d take a look back at my crazy preseason predictions for the different divisions and see how I am doing for the year. I’ll be grading myself based on accuracy of the predictions in general. Also, the season isn’t over yet so I could have totally different grades at the end of the year.

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NFL 2012 – Week Seven Run-Down

TrophyWeek 7 is in the books and the most interesting thing I’ve heard was a late bit of news that the Chargers got busted by a ref in their epic loss to the Broncos for cheating. Apparently they were using Stickum, which was banned in 1981. I guess when they put on those throwback powder blue uniforms they decided to play with a few of the throwback rules. Expect fines and a possible loss of draft picks when the punishment is handed down by the league office. “Rampaging” Roger Goodell is probably still smarting from giving up power in Bounty Gate to Tagliabue. On to week 7! Continue reading

NFL 2012 – Week Six Run-Down

TrophyWeek 6 is in the books, and what an interesting week it was! The NFC looks positively stellar with seven teams above .500 while the AFC looks positively average with only two. The Broncos had an historic comeback win over the Chargers, and some key injuries may have ended one team’s playoff hopes. We have a lot to talk about this week so let’s dive right in, shall we?

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NFL 2012 – Week Five Run-Down

TrophyWeek 5 has come and gone and we are reaching the dog days of the NFL. The good teams start to separate themselves from the crappy teams. We find out which playoff contenders have become playoff pretenders. At least one team will have a train wreck of a meltdown, and pretty soon we can expect the quarterback carousel to start as a few teams on the edge of playoff contention desperately hope for a spark. Continue reading

NFL 2012 – Week 4 Run-Down

TrophyDue to circumstances completely beyond my control, this column is a tad late this week. My wife really hammered me on picks. Anyway Week 4, yay! The real referees are back. Wait, is the honeymoon over already? Did the NFL sneak a replacement crew into the Green Bay game? Why are the Cardinals 4-0?

The Great Brain Robbery Pt. II – It was a pleasant experience to see the regular officials back on the job. For the most part games ran more smoothly. Continue reading

NFL 2012 – Week Three Run-Down

TrophyWell it was definitely an interesting week 3 in the NFL with upset, controversial calls and some pretty serious injuries. I am pretty sure I got hammered on picks this week but that’s because one week of the year the NFL goes all parity whacky and the “Any Given Sunday” theory kicks in. Let’s get to it shall we?

The Great Brain Robbery – I call it this because so many things happened at the end of the Packers/Seahawks game that I am pretty sure the replacements had their brains stolen and replaced with rocks before the game started. Ignore the fact Golden Tate committed such an obvious case of offensive pass interference that a four-year-old could have thrown the flag. Continue reading

NFL 2012 – Week Two Run-Down

TrophyDespite the fact that the NFL season is only 2 weeks old, I’ve learned quite a bit by watching games and catching the highlights. This week I’d like to share my insights with you.

San Francisco is the real deal. The Niners are a complete team and are far and away the best team in the NFL right now. Their two wins have come over potential playoff teams. Alex Smith, left for dead a couple years ago, looks like a pro bowl quarterback thanks to his shiny new wide receivers. Looking at their schedule and barring a catastrophic injury to a key player, I could see them going 14-2 easily and having home field advantage throughout the playoffs. Continue reading

It’s Time to Bring Back the Real NFL Referees

RefereeFootball season is starting and, unless you have been living under a rock since the last Super Bowl, you are probably aware that the NFL is in the middle of a labor dispute with their referees. The NFL is a $8,000,000,000+ a year business. In case you are wondering the team owners are attempting to save about $62,500 dollars a year per team. There are currently 119 officials who make an average of $8,000 dollars a game. Being very generous with the owners and how much they pay the refs (about 2 million a year total for the entire crew), that is .025% of their entire revenue. OK, I’m done throwing numbers at you as I can see your eyes glazing over with boredom, let’s get to the meat: why the referees are important. Continue reading