SOON: A Movie Trailer Roundup

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Sure, you’re content with your Lone Star Ranger Monsters Man of Iron Steel Trek into Darkness University for now, but what cinematic goodies lie ahead? Meet me after the jump to watch three trailers/teasers that recently hit the web.

Via we have the first teaser for Laika’s Boxtrolls. The studio behind ParaNorman and Coraline is back with a new animated flick for kids who enjoy something a little spooky. What’s not spooky is the trailer’s assertion that all families are different — some even have two dads or two moms. ParaNorman made some waves over the inclusion of a gay character, and it’s nice to see Laika continuing to be inclusive.
Also from we have the first trailer for Kasi Lemmons’ adaptation of Langston Hughes’ Black Nativity. This is the Eve’s Bayou director’s first film since 2007, and it boasts an award-winning cast, including: Jennifer Hudson, Forest Whitaker and Angela Bassett. Jacob Latimore continues a transition toward feature work after having mostly appeared in television projects. The film also boasts some serious musical talent, including Mary J. Blige.

Finally we have Adore, the new feature from Coco Before Chanel director Anne Fontaine. Naomi Watts and Robin Wright (who’s busy this year!) star as moms who each enter into a romantic relationship with the other’s son. Should be fun for the whole family! The film was adapted from a Doris Lessing novel by Dangerous Liaisons scribe Christopher Hampton. James Frecheville — who had his first juicy role in 2010’s Animal Kingdom — plays one of the sons.

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