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Eat in New Orleans Like You’ll Never Eat Again

Yesterday, PoBoyNation shared tips on how to do Mardi Gras in New Orleans like a local, causing all of us to want to head down south immediately. Today as Lent begins and Carnival season ends, I thought I’d share with you my week in eating in New Orleans like a tourist (albeit a tourist who lived there for a bit and visits often) on an expense account. Get your antacid ready to go! Continue reading

The Today Show Marks the End of the Harlem Shake Fad… We Hope

You know when your parents start mimicking some new thing all you kids have been doing? They do it horribly and are just patently bad at looking cool or interesting while wobbling their bodies, or gyrating their hips, or making weird slack-jawed faces, yet this doesn’t stop the enthusiasm from giving them a boost of confidence that seems unquenchable? Yeah, well, this happened on The Today Show this morning in a Valentine’s Day segment that mashed all of the above. This is when you know it’s over, folks. Continue reading

QOTD: What Are You Giving Up For Lent?

Lent CTMardi Gras is a time to party and Lent is the solemn time leading up to Easter. Being a Catholic, it’s always been my practice to give up something for Lent. In my adult years it’s been buying shoes or clothes or not shopping at all, red meat or my time. The last few years I’ve said I would go to daily mass once a week and do Stations of the Cross throughout Lent.

As I have been searching for a new church to call home since I moved back to New Orleans, I think I’m going to spend some time parish-hopping during Lent and hope I find the church that’s right for me. It may not be “giving something up” per se, but I am using this time to do some reflection to figure out what parish is right for me.

What about you? What are you giving up for Lent? Continue reading

Mauna Kea– The Tallest Mountain In the World


What is happening atop Mauna Kea is a tragedy and a slap in the face to the native Hawaiian people.

Mauna Kea* (or White Mountain) is of tremendous spiritual importance to the Hawaiians. It is white because of the snow that often dusts the peak. It is the home of Poli’ahu, the snow goddess. This is contrasted by Mauna Loa (or Black Mountain), home of Poli’ahu’s rival, Pele, the goddess of fire. The number of legends and heiaus (temples) on Mauna Kea speak to its importance. Continue reading

A Response to Marco Rubio’s… Response

marco rubioHey Marco – Saw your State of the Union response last night, and I just wanted to let you know that I think you’re a jackass. I hope you’re not too insulted, because I find most Republicans to be utter jackasses.

For starters, I get it that it’s the holy grail of the modern day conservatism to oppose taxes and more government spending, but when you said that it’s an “old idea that has failed every time its been tried,” you really meant to have a giant fucking asterisk there, right? I missed whether you held up the asterisk card during your speech, but when you said “every time” I’m assuming  you really meant “every time but all those times we did invest in the American people and holy shitballs! It worked out pretty great!” You know, like the $51 billion going to help Northeastern residents rebuild their homes and businesses, repair roads, boardwalks, storefronts, sidewalks, beaches, highways, bridges, school buildings, nursing homes, and literally put their towns back together. That’s probably not going to fail, right? Or how about oh – let’s just say for starts, the GI Bill, which has let thousands and thousands of returning veterans to obtain an education, a mortgage, and a home? We won’t even get into agricultural subsidies today, bud. Continue reading