Project Runway Season 11 Episode 2 Liveblog

project-runway-26Hey, everybody! Last week we were introduced to the sewtestants for this new season of Project Runway and got to see how well they can construct garments…and exactly which kinds of crazy they each represent.

Let’s see, there’s that one Native American designer who will not let you forget she’s Native American, because she’s really and truly Native American. She also calls herself “Water Lily.” Okay, then. And the guy who spells his last name “HallmarQ”? What’s up with that? Then there’s the woman from Portland who is hell-bent on embodying every stereotype of the Portland hipster. And then there’s this guy who looks like he will kill you in your sleep and then use your body as his dress form. I think his name is Günter, but who knows?

All that matters is that Heidi, Tim, and Nina Garcia, Fashion Director, Marie Claire Magazine are back, so let’s grab a drink or three and rip the sewtestants a new one in the comments!

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