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Doctor Who; The Season So Far (Spoilers!)

Seriously. Spoilers!

So for those of you who haven’t heeded the months of advice from myself and several other wise Crasstalkers, or for those of you who forget what’s happened this season so far, here’s your Doctor Who recap of the first half of the sixth season of the new series, or the 32ndish season of the show overall, with your 11th Doctor if we’re counting Paul McGann’s unfortunate “American-friendly” TV Movie attempt in the 90s. Got it? Excellent.

Anyway, tonight marks the premiere of the second half of what we’ll call the 6th season, because that’s how it goes. For a quick recap, read on. Continue reading

Crasstalk Book Club Discussion: Waiting for Snow in Havana by Carlos Eire

The time to discuss our latest book club selection has come, friends! So, what did you think? When the book choice was announced, I posted some topics to keep in mind as you read. I’ve come up with some additional topics to discuss, but I hope you have questions and thoughts of your own to add. Let’s bust out the mojitos and get to discussin’.

The first two lines of Eire’s preamble (Preámbulo) read “This is not a work of fiction./But the author would like it to be.” Did you all think Eire was telling the complete truth? Eire’s writing style is a lot less structured than most of us are probably used to reading. Much of the book seemed to be pure stream of consciousness and written like a diary. Did you think that was detrimental or helpful to Eire effectively telling his story? Was this book a bit of a tall tale or could these memories have been vividly seared into Eire’s mind? Remember, he was only 8 or 9 when the events began to take place. It is all so dreamlike and poetic. Would Eire be better suited for writing novels? Continue reading