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Are Sing-a-ma-jigs Cute, Cuddly Fun or Something Else Entirely?

I’m left a little baffled by this toy. On one hand I get what it’s supposed to be. It’s some sort of Elmo-esque plush toy that does what plush toys of the new millennium do. They sing and dance, or shake, and tremble, or whatever else palsy-ridden toys should do nowadays. Why? I have no idea. I’m from the world of soft teddy bears and Raggedy Ann dolls. I never got the appeal of the singing/talking stuffed toy, the Teddy Ruxpins of the toy world. In fact that thing was downright scary! It was like it could read your mind and then rat you out to adults. Sheesh. It was a monster. Now then…the Sing-a-ma-jigs by Fisher Price? Singing flesh eaters? Beloved best toy ever? I dunno.

There is also something about it that may be a bit unsettling. Continue reading