Welcome to the Dreamtorium. It’s October 19th! Season 4 Episode 1: A Community Liveblog

If the Germans Bombed Pearl Harbor
Community: Animal House

When we last left our favorite Greendale Community College students, some were finishing up Biology 101 and their 3rd year while Trobed was dealing with separation anxiety.  Now it’s the Jeff Winger Study group’s senior year with the same gang minus the not so dead Star-Burns and creator Dan Harmon.

Thanks to some wonderful decision making at NBC, the original Oct 19th air date was pushed back to 2013 because they wanted to show some horrible shows that got cancelled including “Annie’s Boobs'” show, Animal Practice.

So here we are for the season premiere of Community Season 4 with new show runners but many of the same writers.  I don’t know what to expect, but it’s got to be better than The Big Bang Theory.

Backgrounder:  I came into Community late.  As per my habit with TV shows, I am not an early adopter and tend to dismiss the overhyped ones very quickly which explains why I never got into Simpsons, Arrested Development and other shows till later in their runs or when I caught them in syndication.  When the local comedy channel started showing Community, I started watching it because I had nothing better to do and it quickly became a favorite of mine because of its smart writing, funny situations and interesting characters.

Question:  Which Community Character(s) do you relate to and why?

My Answer:  Abed because he’s the quiet observer type with some issues relating to people with a touch of Winger, mostly his desire for the lazy solution, and a bit of Annie, obsessive at times to the point of madness.

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