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Hiring Downton Abbey Employees Marks New Wealthy New Yorker Trend


For some, watching the PBS series Downton Abbey about an aristocratic English family and their bevy of house servants isn’t just a way to piddle away the hours on Sunday nights. Oh, no. Metro New York reports that with the success of the show some of the super-rich would like to make changes to their needs in domestic staffers and hire their own Mr. Carson or Anna, the lady’s maid. Continue reading

On Pointe: RuPaul’s Drag Race Season 5, Episode 4

“Love all of u guys,” is Monica’s parting message on the mirror. Coco once again acknowledges that her head hasn’t been in the game because of her drama with Alyssa, but she’s ready to cast that aside and compete. Good, because we’re over the Coco/Alyssa rivalry too. Vivienne says she was pissed that Roxxxy overpowered her in the main competition, and she would like Roxxxy to go home. Sure, Viv, blame your shortcomings on someone else. Click through, children, to read my full recap and see who lands where on this week’s Drag Race Index. Continue reading

Doing Lay’s a Flavor: Reviewing Chicken and Waffles Chips

Like many other Super Bowl viewers, I saw this Lay’s commercial during the course of the game. I was very intrigued at the three new flavors, especially the Chicken & Waffles. I’ve had spicy chips and garlic/parmesan chips before, but never chicken and waffles. When I came across all three flavors in Wal-Mart last weekend, I decided I needed to try Chicken & Waffles. Continue reading

Forget the Cloud, Go Get an SD Card

VW Headunit with SD Card
It seems the business model these days is to get us consumers to pay monthly for something we didn’t used to need to pay monthly for. Take music for instance, we all love music but a monthly subscription to a music service is an ongoing cost and it requires you to stay wired all the time. I could see using something like Xbox music if you can’t stand listening to the same tracks often. I prefer to hear my favorite tunes unless I’m in the mood for new music. When I’m driving isn’t when I’m in that mood. The solution for me is the SD and I’m really happy with it. Continue reading