Scenes From Occupy Wall Street May Day in Union Square

I happened to stumble on the OWS rally today in Union Square (it’s very hard to miss), and took some pictures of the rally. It was an energetic, if not slightly boisterous crowd. Per New York standards, there were plenty of characters and attention-getters. Here’s some pictures so you can feel part of the action!:

My photography gets better, I swear
Look at these two individual's finely coifed hairdos

So after I got over my fear of possibly getting arrested, I got down to bidness and took some pictures:

These are all good ideas!
I forget who this is. I'm a terrible journalist.
Here are some people attentively listening to the above speaker.
Here is a person holding a sign. Stand up! Wave your sign!

New York City Council member Jumaane D. Williams spoke before the crowd. I thought that this was the one that got arrested in October, but I was mistaken. He led the crowd in a chant of “Agitate! Agitate! Agitate!” which I thought was an excellent use of vocabulary, but I question a member of a legislative body encouraging a large crowd to break the law, even in an abstract “agitate.” Or giving him the benefit of the doubt, maybe he was just suggesting to be as annoying as possible until change happens.

Here is NYC Council Member Jumaane Williams from Brooklyn giving a speech
This guy hid his face when I took his picture. Not cool, dude.
Sometimes there are no words.

And then sometimes there are people you just question whether they ate paint chips as a child:

No one can fence this guy in.

The above gentleman was very proud of his (stolen?) barrier-fence. He walked through the crowd a bit with it hoisted above his head, and every time the crowd cheered he pumped it back into the air. Statement, made, sir! Except none of us know what it is.

Anyway, one of the best parts of the May Day rally was the presence of the local unions. There were probably a dozen or more unions there, which is pretty awesome when you think about the origins of May Day. I also heard talk that the UAW made a big presence today at another NYC rally:

The woman holding this sign very nicely moved out of the way so I could take this picture

You could get your own signs:

And then wave them in the air:

Do you think I should have gotten this guy's number?

As I was leaving, I noticed these guys standing behind the stage. It was an entire mock baseball team, appropriately named the Tax Dodgers! They were all of course, 1%ers, and even had their very own cheerleader and fat cat Wall street type:

The Tax Dodgers!

And as I was crossing the street, bikers came down 14th street en mass:

These guys were nice enough to join the Biker's Parade.

Of course, no coverage of Occupy Wall Street would be complete without the boys in blue. And christ on a motherfuckin’ cracker, the NYPD pulled out all the stops and were out in full force. Helicopters, police cars, unmarked police cars, police vans, unmarked police vans, those weird traffic-car things, police scooters, police in riot gear, police in community t-shirts, traffic police, and more police, police, police, everywhere you looked:


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