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Michele Bachmann is Only Joking

Which is really a relief since we were all taking her so super seriously. That is, until her latest comments regarding the recent natural disasters, one of which has a death toll of 24.

“I don’t know how much God has to do to get the attention of the politicians. We’ve had an earthquake; we’ve had a hurricane. He said, ‘Are you going to start listening to me here?’ [Politico]

This latest comment would seem to suggest Michele Bachmann is living on the Fred Phelps side of town. Most astoundingly she seems to believe in a God which has no better means to communicate with creation than to directly cause pain and suffering. It certainly paints a clear picture of the old school, ‘God is Angry’ message at the core of her beliefs.

Dancing With The Stars Season 13 Cast Announced Tonight

That creaking, clanking sound you hear is the drawbridge being lowered down over the moat of fire and damned right-wing souls, a drawbridge you can safely cross to enter the fantasy realm that is Dancing With The Stars.

At the end of tonight’s episode of “Bachelor Pad” (which is what, exactly? I’m afraid I’m a bit addled from spending too much time on the Lady Parts Network, and anything pad-related just sounds overly hygienic) Tom Bergeron and Brooke Burke will reveal just who they’ve roped into putting on the sequins and heels, and whatever the ladies are wearing too.

If you care, if you dare, if you are Cher, click inside to read a list of who might be on the show. Continue reading

Monday Afternoon Poetry

Each week we bring you a poet, some of their work, and leave the rest up to you.

This week’s poet is Gwendolyn Brooks.


Gwendolyn Brooks was born in 1917 in Topeka, Kansas before moving to Chicago, where she grew up.  She was encouraged to write by her parents, and her first poem was published in a children’s magazine when she was 13.  By 17 she had a collection of 75 published poems, and was regularly submitting to The Chicago Defender an African-American newspaper.  After her first book was published she gained immediate critical acclaim.  She taught at Columbia College Chicago, Northeaster Illinois University, Chicago State University, Elmhurst College, Columbia University, Clay College of New York and the University of Wisconsin-Madison.  Brooks was married and had two children.  She died in Chicago in in 2000 at 83. Continue reading

Deus Ex: Human Revolution Game Review

If you were given the choice to replace a limb or an organ with a prosthetic that functioned exactly the same way, perhaps even better, would you? Would you give up your arms to get replacements that could lift incredibly heavy items and punch through concrete? Would you give up your legs to run faster and jump higher? Would you give up your eyes to see through walls and in the dark?

This is the fundamental question that the Deus Ex series, including the latest installment Deus Ex: Human Revolution, asks the player. What happens when humanity is suddenly given the opportunity to become more human than human? Continue reading

The Official Crasstalk Condi + Qadaffi Harlequin Romance Fiction Contest

Last week the Libyan rebels who stormed Qadaffi’s bizarro sex dungeon royal palace in Tripoli found that he had been keeping a photo album full of pictures of America’s preeminent neo-con torture princess, Condoleeza Rice.

It turns out the Crazy Colonel has historically made no effort to hide his Condifatuation! Here’s what happened the last time these two lovebirds got together for a summit meeting in 2008: Continue reading