QOTD: The Worst Movie You’ve Ever Seen

Ah, bad movies. They come in so many different forms. You have “So bad as to be amusing in a Mystery Science Theater 3000 way”. There’s “Bad, but also kind of entertaining”. But then, there’s also the flat out “I can’t believe I just paid $10 plus $6 for stale popcorn to see that garbage” (Think Battlefield Earth). Personally, I’ve only ever walked out of one movie in my lifetime, and that happened when I was in high school. That cinematic atrocity? Copland. Sly Stallone as a deaf-in-one-ear sheriff of a town full up with corrupt NYPD cops? Huh. Sounds nuanced. Guess what? It wasn’t. Plodding, idiotic, and confusing? Absolutely. I went with friends to see this moving the summer after my senior year of high school. We had free tickets from a friend who worked at the theater, I think. We lasted maybe an hour. What about you guys? What’s the worst, actual worst, movie you’ve ever seen?

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