We’re raising the bar.

“Obama order sped up wave of Cyberattacks against Iran” – David E. Sanger (New York Times)

Strictly speaking, it’s better than launching a barrage of cruise missiles and turning the whole place into radioactive rubble, which would almost certainly piss off the international community.

Frankly, I don’t know why they didn’t just embed it in cat pictures and email it to the head nuclear scientists.

“What if Herman Cain had a kill list?” – Conor Friedersdorf (The Atlantic)

This is where we’re at. The President has taken it upon himself to play God, with the lives of everyone that appears on the “kill list” in the balance. Due process now consists of deliberations behind closed doors, deep in the bowels of the West Wing, and one man alone can decide who lives or dies.

I believe that President Obama is a good man, and that he’ll make good decisions. But the idea of putting this kind of power in the hands of a President Santorum, President Cain, President Bachmann, President Perry, President Paul, or President Romney, is downright terrifying.

I’d say that Congress needs to put the breaks on this, but at this point I don’t think Congress could agree on naming a post office.

“Nevada GOP Shadow Party elbows past feud with Ron Paul” – Jon Ward (Huffington Post)

The GOP convention is going to be FUN.

“Not Working For Anyone” – Charles P. Pierce (Esquire)

CPP gets it right. Austerity doesn’t work. Anyone that says that it does should be shunned. The “stimulus” package was 40% tax cuts designed to secure Republican support that never materialized. There’s zero political will or ability to craft another, bigger package that might have a chance of working.

So, welcome to the Lost Decade. 8% unemployment is the new normal. Our collective beatings will continue until morale improves.

¬†“Justice Department demands Florida stop purging voter rolls” – Ryan J. Reilly (TPM)

Good to see the Justice Department doing something other than busting up medical marijuana dispensaries.

“Five Points about Politico’s hatchet job on NYT and WaPo” – Devin Gordon (GQ)

And that about wraps it up for Politico. Someone go over to their offices and make sure they remembered to turn out the lights.

“Catholic Cardinal authorized $20k to pay off pedophile preists, then railed against ‘immorality’ of gay marriage” – Igor Volsky (ThinkProgress)

Ah, Cardinal Timothy Dolan. If there is a God, and He is a just and loving God, He would smite such evil men that carry out such horrific misdeeds in His name.

“North Carolina bill would require coastal communities to ignore global warming science” – Joe Romm (ThinkProgress)

As a native son of the Great State of Indiana, I’d like to remind North Carolina what happens when states attempt to establish scientific fact via legislative fiat: the Indiana Pi Bill.

“GOP Congressional Spokesman: ‘Let’s hurl some acid at those female Democratic Senators.'” – Annie-Rose Strasser (ThinkProgress)

This is part of a new series I call “Today in Horrible Things Said By People”.

“White supremacist with ties to Neo-Nazi groups elected to Pennsylvania county GOP Committee” – Adam Peck (ThinkProgress)

I’m not saying that all conservatives are racist. I am saying that all racists are conservative.

“Honeywell CEO says the corporate tax rate should be zero” – Pat Garofalo (ThinkProgress)

Here’s the fundamental problem with negotiating tax policy with somebody like our CEO here. He believes the corporate tax rate should be zero. Once you say “There should be no corporate tax”, you’ve locked yourself in to an absolutionist mindset. I can go from 12% (the average US corporate tax rate) to 6%, and it’s not good enough, because it’s still higher than zero. I can go to 1%, and it’s STILL too high, because it’s not zero.

Absolutionist thinking is dangerous. It eliminates the ability to compromise. The world is very rarely black and white; it’s almost always shades of grey.