Stupid person, and presidential candidate, Rick Perry, believes Kim Jong the Second died yesterday. Can we say that it’s possible “two” is the highest he can count, so this is why he remains stuck there forever?

In an email that was to serve as his official press release on the death of the North Korean dictator, Perry misspelled Kim Jong-il three separate times. The posting has since been updated, but not before America at large got a chance to view yet another gaffe from Perry.

What’s interesting is that no one was looking for Perry’s thoughts on the matter since he’s no longer polling at the top of the GOP heap. He could have written a press release about tacos and no one would have really cared — but it does make news if you can’t spell the names of crazed dictators when you’re running for president and foreign policy is part of the job.

Is it too late to buy Perry a set of dictator flash cards?