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Web Diving: Luv & Hat.Com’s Take on Self-Service Checkout, BBQs, Jeggings, and the Queen’s Jubilee Thingy

You know that oddly satisfying feeling when you come across a website that just speaks to you? The kind that says the things you’d probably say, or has the kind of strife, revelry, or amazing shenanigans you’d probably get into? Well, it’s not nice to keep those things to ourselves. So, we’re here to share with you these little gold mine finds. Will they all be perfect? Probably not. Will they make you laugh uncontrollably? Probably yes.

Today we introduce Luv & Hat. Continue reading

The Brits to Probably Ruin the Olympics for the Rest of Us

So it’s not enough that the Brits make us seem ridiculous for pronouncing “schedule” with a hard “k” in the beginning, now they’ll probably ruin the Olympics for us (and the Australians unless this Aussie motivation video above helps.) We’re just flimsy pawns in their game of entire world Olympic domination, you see. They’ll know the outcome of all the major events we care about — Gymnastics, Swimming & Diving, Track & Field, and Beach Volleyball (We care about this? YES!)– before we do — and we bet they won’t hesitate to tell us. Continue reading