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Brazilian Court: Employee Allowed to Double-Click Her Mouse on Company Time

I suppose this was inevitable, but I’m more than a little upset that yet another landmark decision has been reached in a largely Catholic nation well before any such decision could be introduced in the Land of the Free.

After all, it’s been a big year for Brazil.

Ana Catarina Bezerra Silvares, a divorcee from the village of Vila Velha, Espírito Santo in Brazil, has sued and won a court ruling allowing her to perform self-help while on the job.

The ruling “enables her to masturbate for 15 minutes every two hours, [as well as] using the computer to see erotic images that stimulate her desire. She suffers from a rare condition [..] in the brain [..] which leads her to masturbate several times a day to relieve the deep anguish that it causes.”

I really wish I could muster some high dudgeon for you guys over this but I have to admit, I saw this one coming.