Project Runway Season 11 Episode 5 Liveblog

project-runway-26Hey, hey, darlings! We’re back for another episode of Kabuki Dressmaking Theater! Last week, the denizens of Dressmaking Hell were tasked with participating in the Unconventional Materials challenge, with a twist! They needed to use plants and hardware! Two kinds of unconventional materials! Triple the ugly, folks, triple the ugly.

Joseph Aaron (what? he had two names?) made a particularly hideous garment. I’m sure he’d have done better had the challenge required him to use cat hair. Anyway, the judges hated his fugly shit and booted him.

Tonight’s episode has the design monkeys working for Miranda Lambert. So, poor Lambert will pretend to like their crap and claim that she’ll wear the winning design at some “red carpet” event in the near future, say, 2050. Let’s watch and see what joyfully hatefulness transpires tonight! Join us in the comments section and let’s weigh in on the designs!

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