Five Abandoned Places

Another installment in our series on abandoned places in the world. 

1. Resort city of Gagra, Abkhazia

Once nicknamed the “Russian Riviera,” the Black Sea resort city of Gagra had a population of 26,000. However, following the ethnic cleansing of Georgians during the Georgian-Abkhaz conflict of 1992-1993, the city has remained a ghost town.

2. Radar Station Watchtower, Teufelsberg, Germany

Busy-body America once attempted to eavesdrop on Chatty Cathy Uli East Germany and the former Soviet Union. Rumoured to have the capability of recording 1,200 calls simultaneous, the 262-foot-high listening station was built in the 1950s by the US National Security Agency and located on an artificial hill. The 48-acre site was abandoned following German reunification. Additional images can be seen here.

3. Lebow Clothing Factory, Baltimore, Maryland, United States 

Manufacturer of fine suits and jackets, the Lebow Clothing Factory was built in the 1930s and provided thousands of blue-collar jobs in Baltimore. Closed in 1985, the factory is undergoing a $26.5 million renovation with the Baltimore City Schools. The Baltimore Design School, a public middle and high school, is scheduled to open in 2013.

4. Hôpital de la Marine, Rochefort, France

Housing the former School of Naval Medicine, the Naval Hospital was built in 1788 in Rochefort. Considered the first multi-wing hospital in France, the medical centre was in use until 1985. Purchased by developers, the future of the site remains unknown.

5. Valley of the Mills (Vallone dei Mulini), Sorrento, Italy

Located in the historical centre of Sorrento, the Valley of the Mills once served as a floor mill and sawmill from the Middle Ages until 1866. The site was abandoned due to rising humidity levels following the construction of Piazzo Tasso, which isolated the valley from the sea. Many thanks to GenderFenderBender for this suggestion.

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