Here’s the Latest Proof that Americans are a Bunch of Fatties

The CDC has released this fun (scary!) new infographic that tells us that our grandparents would be shocked to know how much hamburger, fries, and cola we consume per fast-food restaurant stop. The average meal is four times larger than those consumed in the 1950’s, and in general adults are 26 pounds heavier. The size of fries has increased from 2.4 to 6.7 ounces and soft drinks have fattened up from 7 to 42 ounces. This is the scariest of all. I’m not sure what occasion really calls for 42 ounces of beverage in one sitting. That seems like enough sugar to launch you into outer space.

Experts say that today’s small is probably what would’ve been a large in the 1950’s, if people would even order that much food. The CDC suggest consumers take the reins and order smaller meals, cut the meal in half, or take it home. Or maybe as a nation we should visit fast-food restaurants in moderation. When you can order burgers in single, double, or triple sizes, it may be more prudent in some instances to quit cold turkey.

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