Blind Items

Boo, you whore.

1) “Before getting married, this B list celebrity married to a C list actress had a wild bachelor party. Apparently it’s coming back to haunt him as one of the entertainers from the party is trying to shop out pictures of the actor at the party. The entertainer is a man.” [Buzz Foto]

2) “So, last fall, this male A list tweener singer had a group of people over to his house. His B- list actress girlfriend was not among those invited. As the 15 or so guests walked in the house they all were forced to hand over their cell phones which were put in a basket and then locked away in a separate room until the end of the night. Then, the squeaky clean singer pulled out some pot and took turns inviting guests into another room to smoke with him. While he would smoke with them he would also hit on each girl who was at the party and they were mostly girls. Mid to late teens and no one older than 18 or so. When he would talk to one who was younger than him he would say he preferred older women. When he did find one who was older than him, he would invite them into a different room and spend time alone with them one on one and then remind them not to talk about what happened. Several times during the night he got calls from his girlfriend and he told her he was just hanging out watching football with some guy friends. I wonder if he got the pot from his A list singing friend who started off in the business at about the same age.” [CDAN]

3) “Remember that scene in Legally Blonde where Reese Witherspoon goes to get the alibi of Ali Larter’s character? It turns out that the aerobics queen would rather have people think she offed her husband than know that she got liposuction.

With that in mind, let’s talk about this celebrity’s troubled marriage. The public fights will be about egos and money and infidelity. The private fight is the real one. It’s all about the wife’s rampant eating disorder. The wife is purging multiple times every day, and the husband can’t take it anymore. It’s making her ill and it’s completely stressing him out. Most importantly, he doesn’t want that kind of sick behavior around their impressionable child/ren. However, if they talk about the real problem, will the brand be destroyed, and does the fortune go with it? Quite the conundrum.” [Blind Gossip]

4) “She’s nota brat, she just plays one on TV. Can you figure out who this blind item is about?

This star of a popular TV show has a reputation for being particularly…ahem…difficult (both on-screen and off), and it’s clear that that reputation is entirely deserved. Crushable has just gotten word that this celebrity was out to dinner with her parents recently and didn’t feel that the laws of physics that govern the speed at which food can be cooked should necessarily apply to her.

Less than twenty minutes after ordering well-done fish, this starlet sent her father back to the kitchen with instructions to “knock on the window” to see if their food that they ordered “hours ago” was ready.

When the waiter did ultimately bring the food to the table, this star argued with him about which items were safe for her to eat with her food allergies (which he had apparently accounted for), and after insulting his intelligence, left a 10% tip.

We can’t tell you the name of this bratty star, but can you guess??” [Crushable]

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