PhotoPhriday: It’s the Little Things

This week, less is more. Smaller is bigger.

It’s easy to appreciate the larger things in life, but what about the little things? Go find some tiny part of your life that you might normally take for granted and give it its due. Kids don’t count. Nor do cats or small dogs, gerbils or hamsters or any of the other things you already like. Go search out your minutia, and appreciate it by posting a pic of it here.

And for this week’s PhotoPhriday, even though they’re not necessarily small, corkscrews count (I know my audience).

How to Post Pics:

1) If you want to use a pic from your computer, you’ve got to first upload it to the web. Click on either of these links: imgur or tinypic. Follow the directions to upload.
2) After the upload, you’ll see various links for your pic. Copy the direct link; you want the one that ends in .jpg
3) Come back here. Type this exact code (including the brackets and quotation marks) into the “Post A New Comment” box: <img src=“ ”> and paste your direct link in between the quote marks. There should be a space between img and src (img src), but otherwise, no spaces between anything.
4) It should look like this: <img src=”http//www.yourphotodirectlink.jpg”> Make sure to include those brackets.
5) If you’re using a photo already on the web: Right click (or ctrl-click on a Mac) on an image and select “View Image” or “Copy Image URL/Location.” Copy-and-paste the URL and use the <img src=“ ”> code above.


Image souce: Flickr

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