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Beauty Tutorial: Fake It ‘Til You Make It

A number of us ladies (and Dogs) were discussing beauty tricks last evening and venting our frustrations with the problems cosmetics cause us. We had questions: Is the smokey eye a myth? (Answer: Yes). Why are Spanx crotchless and is that ever not funny? (Answers: Let’s not think about that too hard and no). We realized that we all have different strengths and that combined, we could probably construct the perfect beauty look.

Personally, I am useless when it comes to eye makeup and intricate hairstyles? Forget it. The one thing I am really good at is creating a nice, natural-looking base layer. Continue reading

Prom Season!

Some guys are so thoughtful - his eyes match her dress!
The dresses! The suits! The music! The barfing!

Whaddaya got for us for prom stories? Names can be changed to protect the innocent, um, ok, the vengeful.

I don’t have any particularly good stories, but I did have some nice dresses, some nice dates, and one really awful date, but no need to go into that story, let’s just say he was conversationally challenged, as in, he didn’t have any. Continue reading