BRADY BRADY BRADY & Saints vs 49ers: NFL Divisional Round Open Thread

It is time for the Rapture my friends. Huddle close with your loved ones for the day of judgement has arrived and the mighty Timothy Tebow will rise up, throw inaccurate short passes, one decent long pass, run around and induce erotic asphyxiation among older white males. There is no hope, do not fall prey to false idols such as the mumbling coach with a bad haircut and a fondness for married women and  the well-coiffed quarterback from the England of New. Their wickedness in the Tuck Rule Game must be avenged.

Oh, and the Saints and 49ers are also playing in the early game. A classic matchup of offense versus defense. New Orleans has the sway of public opinion because Drew Brees might be the most likable person in the NFL (his love if Gitmo aside). However they’re far away from the turf and thousands of drunk Southerners. Brees is 0-2 in the playoffs thus far when he plays outdoors on the road. San Francisco had the stingiest defense per possession this season and in Alex Smith’s first playoff game he has a lot to prove to everyone who labeled him as a bust. Can SF contain the Saints’ diverse array of offensive talent or will they kneel before the mighty Breesus?

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