Kanye West, Crazy Man? or Crazy Man With A Mission?

Kanye, who has never been known to be modest, or quiet, or controversy-free, would like you to continue experiencing the performance art he considers his fame, now with an extra dollop of erratic, strangely garbled self-promotion and a heaping spoonful of “Just What Is He Talking About?!”

Really, the most comical thing many of us saw in connection with the be-skirted rap impresario was when for a time the media started listing “activist” next to his name based upon Mike Meyers’ befuddled expression when West deadpanned his response to then President Bush’s handling of the Katrina disaster. The media cut that crap out once West hijacked a Video Music Award moment away from a little known country star, which has resulted in her becoming a very well known, huge pop star (Thanks, Kanye!). Now though, things have been quiet, er, too quiet.

It almost seemed as though through JayZ’s Kanye West mentoring project, wherein he defends his buddy’s more erratic behavior, creates a joint (mediocre) hip-hop record with him, launches a pretty seminal hip-hop tour of the same name, and is snapped around town wearing Kanye’s soon to be released new sneaker — this would quell some of his more showy tendencies. HA! Was it naive to think Jay’s influence could have a more congenial influence on the self-proclaimed egomaniac? Yes. But! Kanye is much more complicated than that. He has thoughts, man. Big dreams of one day making something of himself! He’s struggling with a solitary needle and thread hoping to MAKE IT IN AMERICA! CRISP!

He’d like you to consider contributing to, buying, and perhaps rubbing his new fashion line, DONDA on your bare skin. If you don’t, he may drive to your house at 3am and ask mere inches from your skull, “JUST WHY THE HELL NOT!” No, we joke. He’s not that serious about fashion. Well, no. That’s wrong. Kanye is like 80 tweets in one night serious about fashion! In particular his label DONDA, named after his mother, Donde West, and his other clothing line called KANYE WEST, because, of course. What in the world did you think his other clothing line would be called? Sean John? That’s just silly. But let’s not get ahead of ourselves. There have been rampant imposters setting up fake Kanye West fashion sites, and while he appreciates the thought, we all need to be clear about what he is doing exactly. So, no, it’s not called DW, or West’s Besties, or Yeezy Does It, or Amber Rose, or anything else like that. It’s either “KANYE WEST,” “DONDA” or nothing. Got it?

Now then, aren’t you interested in working for a documented egomaniac, perfectionist, late-night Twitterer? There’s probably no better job in all of anxiety, panic attack heaven than that. If interested, here’s what he had to say about it via tweet, the most reliable place to post a 800 word press release/personal narrative/extremely chatty munchies post-pot session.

You guys might think I have some type of backing for my line but I don’t.

I did the first fashion show out of my own pocket and used the money I made touring to follow my passion.

I’ve been working at this for 8 years now …from the first offers to do urban clothing lines that I turned down…

To begging Bape to do my line and never making any real headway…

To having an office in LA that was shut down after the “MTV” moment along with my tour with GAGA

I moved to Japan for one month after that and designed every night in my room… I had this opportunity to intern at Fendi and was also..

…offered a position to at Versace wich I could not take due to my contract with LV which was for 2 years…

I moved to Rome after I left Japan and worked at Fendi for 4 months under cover … I was there to give ideas for the men’s collection

I snuck to Giuseppe Zanotti Factory still under contract and learned to design woman’s shoes for 2 years before my first show in Paris

After doing the first LV collection I was sure I would get a second shot to create but was never given the opportunity

I designed a sneaker called the YEEZY with Nike. I’m “allowed” to design 1 pair of sneakers every 2 years. I have more ideas…

Early 2011 … I moved to Paris and opened a small design studio… the language barrier was quite difficult…

I still don’t have a Paris VAT number to this day… I don’t know what a VAT but every time I asked why we didn’t have fabrics they said…

.. it was because of the VAT.

In Paris I met many great people in design including the master Azzedine Alaia… Azzedine even came by my studio one day : )))

This was the greatest feeling to stand in his presence in my embarrassingly small Paris studio in a courtyard opposite Collate

I remember being 5 years old picking and my mother taking me with her shopping at the discount fur spots

She said I would always point to the most expensive furs even as a child LOL

It’s something about making clothing that always brings me back to that point. For the first 16 or 17 years of my life the only thing…

I knew about my woman’s clothing was what my Mom would wear. I guess some critics would joke that I still don’t know anything LOL

My Mom would wear blue jeans with a fur and an embellished “Cosby Show” sweater : ) to pick me up from school

… the teachers said I couldn’t focus… I used to get kicked out of class for bringing dirty mags and drawing Nikeys in 4th grade

Being a celebrity has afforded me many opportunities but has also boxed me in creatively.

All of this…stream of consciousness? Head poops? Crazy man fighting a windmill? ended with a contact email: [email protected]. So, if you’re inclined to work with Kanye on Cosby Sweaters or Nikeys, or whatever, give Kanye a shout.

Take a gander at West’s Ready to Wear – Spring Summer 2012 Collection.

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