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I’m the Product of Rape and I’m Pro-Choice

This post was written by a member of the Crasstalk community who wished to remain anonymous. It originally ran on July 18th, but due to recent events, we thought it deserved another look. 

Originally posted August 22, 2012

To get to the point, I am a product of a rape. I didn’t discover this juicy little factoid until I was well into my thirties. My mother, bless her heart, had spent her entire life telling me a lie, and she had been telling me this lie for so long I think she actually began to believe it. She began to have migraines when she got older and the doctors gave her a variety of medicines for relief. One of her medications acted like sort of a truth serum, and the ugly truth spilled out in a phone conversation that ended up with me being pretty freaked out. Continue reading

TV Manufacturing Jobs Coming Back To The States

Michael O’Shaughnessy, president and owner of Element Electronics, recently announced that his company is teaming with Lotus International, a manufacturing company in Canton, Michigan. Element plans to hire 100 workers, and will also open a call center in Michigan to field customer questions.

Last year, the Boston Consulting Group predicted that in the next five years more companies will shift manufacturing work back to the States, or choose to locate new production in the U.S. because of China’s shrinking cost advantage. This is known as re-shoring or on-shoring, a reversal of the offshoring trend which shipped so many jobs to Mexico, China, and other countries where labor costs are much lower than they are in the States. Continue reading

Recipe Sunday: An Interview with the Duffy Hill Farmers and Fried Duck Nuggets

“Foodies” and restaurateurs like to think they know food, but few people know food more intimately than small farmers. If you want to “know where your food comes from,” there’s no better way than befriending a farmer. With that – and the fast-approaching seed-buying season – in mind, for this mid-winter Recipe Sunday we’re offering up an abbreviated version of a farm profile we wrote last fall, including recipes for Duck Nuggets, a Beet and Pole Bean Salad, and a heavenly Salad Greens Mix. Enjoy. Launie and Jedd K. Continue reading