Super Squats: The End-of-Year Review

I was at work the other day and I was going over my annual H.R. review and it hit me, “What if I did this for my fitness goals?!” Just like the annual review at work, the purpose of this review is not to dwell on past achievements or challenges, but more so to gauge what your next steps should be in the coming year.

I thought it would be a good idea for us to have an annual review of our health goals. I want you to be honest with yourselves — so no excuses! 

In conducting your end-of-year-review of your fitness goals you should measure your actual progress made in the past year. It doesn’t matter what your goals were. It could’ve been the loss of a few pounds, a trimmed waistline, an increase in your bench or just an improvement in your personal fitness, health and wellbeing. If you’ve had some successes or failures, I want you to be honest about it!

Now, with that information, diagnose your problem areas. Areas that you feel may need improvement. If you need to be more consistent with your workouts or to stick with a new diet plan, list them out. Again, be honest!

After the diagnosis, formulate a plan of attack. Write it out and make it plain! Keep these goals very simple, and more importantly, attainable. You don’t want to list something that is going to be too difficult to achieve. Your goals should be like steps or rungs on a ladder; easily accessible and attainable to move on to the next one.

Lastly, keep a record of your progress. Make an effort to write down your achievements, great or small. This will keep you on task and keep your progress going in the right direction. Simply put, “what gets measured gets improved.”

Please keep in mind that this should always be done in an effort to relieve stress and to promote a healthy and happy regimen. So enjoy the process and remember the principles and most importantly have a safe and happy New Year.

Power Up!!!

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