Your Crasstalk Hurricane Emergency Guide

Good morning gang and especially you Crasstalkers on the East Coast. By the time you are reading this there is probably only a few of hours left before you start to feel the effects of the hurricane. Not ready yet? Go, now. Here’s a couple of things to get you started and a list of emergency contacts and numbers you may need. I have included mostly state government links, but please feel free to add info from your own area in the comments. I tried to include Twitter links for each area so you can get emergency information on your phone if you lose power of internete access. Stay safe and be sensible out there.

Here is a handy list of supplies you might need for the storm. You probably have many of them around your house already, just get them together in one place where you can find them even if it is dark. Additionally, if you live in an evacuation zone you need to have a bag ready in case you need to get on the move quickly. Also, make sure you make a plan to keep in touch with your friends and family during the storm. Below are a few resources by city in case you need them.

National Resources

State Resources

South Carolina:

North Carolina:



Washington, DC


New Jersey


New York:


Rhode Island:


New Hampshire


Please try and be safe out there. Monitor local weather and pay attention to whatever safety information you get from the local authorities. Hopefully we will all be back to normal on Monday.

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