Super Squats Club: There’s Always An Excuse

Welcome to our new house, aka Wednesday. This is where we’ll be from now on because I’m a neurotic who needs to check this post every five seconds and my Thursday schedule isn’t conducive to that.

Scientists prefer Super Squats on Wednesday 5 Oguchis to 1

Additionally, Dr. Satoshi Kanazawa’s latest research conclusively proves that there is a positive linear correlation between the proximity of one’s fitness-related overshare to Hump Day and the likelihood they posses a body worthy of being featured on Hump Day.

Squatters, we’ve gotten off to a bad start.  After jumping out the gate, we skipped a week because of construction then the week following our second post my dumb butt forgot to move the last post from “draft” to “pending.”  Whoops!

You’ve heard my excuses for not doing the A+ job with Super Squats you deserve; what excuses have you used (or wanted to use) these past 2 weeks to avoid the fitness grind?

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