QOTD: Giving Someone A Piece Of Your Mind

We all have a nerve that, when touched, we cannot abide and bite our tongue. Something Must Be Said.

Today’s QOTD:

What will cause you to go off in a righteous rage on a stranger?

I’m not talking about becoming a Falling Down-style public menace, just telling a stranger that they are bringing about the fall of western civilization by their actions or inaction.

The other day my Sister and I went to the grocery store. It was a gorgeous, sunny 79°F. As we were walking to the store, she remarked that someone had left their dog in a car. She was a little annoyed; it was very warm and there is no shade at all in this lot. We agreed that whoever it was probably would be coming right back out.

Forty-five minutes later, we’re back in the parking lot and see that this poor dog is still there. Most people are well aware of the dangers of hyperthermia to pets and small children and every news station has graphics to show vehicle heating dynamics. We were fairly alarmed. My Sister went back into the store to call the police; muttering the make and model of the car to herself all the way. We did not write down the plate number, as we should have, and the couple belonging to the dog and the car returned while my Sister was inside. They had a full cart of groceries, this was no quick run to get a necessary item. I pinged my Sister and she hauled ass back out to confront the young couple about leaving the dog in the car.

The woman’s response was to point to the sticker on her car and yell “Do you see where I work?” The sticker named a local university’s veterinary school, an institution with a great reputation. She seemed sincerely baffled at our anger and told us that she’d “left a window open, sheesh.” Our parting words were, “You should know better!”, with a stern wagging of fingers.

She took off before the police got there, but I suspect she will think twice before leaving a pet in the car again.

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