QOTD: What Was Your Favorite Dorm Room Poster?

It’s Monday morning and you’re probably sitting in your cubicle, fluorescent office lighting burning your eyeballs, drinking burnt coffee and wondering how the hell you got here. Remember back in the good old days, when you spent most of your time decorating your dorm room with Boone’s Farm bottles and batik tapestries? You had such sophisticated taste back then.

What was your favorite dorm room poster?

So even if you didn’t go to college, you probably at one time were a dumb kid with an even dumber poster on the wall. Let’s here about it!

I once had a housemate who was considerably older than me and when he moved out, he gave me the GREATEST POSTER EVAR. I still have it in my attic, in fact. My ex-wife tried to burn it numerous times but I managed to rescue it. True art is worth saving.

You can’t see it in the picture, but he actually parked his Rolls in front of the Virginia Department of Welfare.

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