Friday Daytime Open Thread

OMG it’s almost the weekend! What am I going to wear?!!

Well, when I found out about Dancing Queen’s Flashback Friday topic, I can assure you that I squealed with joy at the thought of posting N’SYNC videos. In this thread, though, we can figure out what fabulous ensembles we’ll be donning this weekend by determining what not to wear, specifically, by studying everything that every boy band and their love muses wear and avoiding all of those things like the plague. The first important lesson is to not wear matching outfits with your friends, otherwise people will suspect that you might break out in an impromptu “I Want You Back.”

And we don’t want that, now do we? What sartorial lessons have you learned from boy bands? I could use some help because I’m starting to think that multi-colored vinyl outfits are acceptable again. Talk me down from the cliff, Crasstalkers!

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