Thursday Night Open Thread

SPECIAL NOTE FROM OUR OVERLORDS: We will be doing site maintenance this Saturday night and Sunday morning. The site may be down periodically or may load slowly. Bear with us, we need to do this to deal with some ongoing technical issues.

Also, look at the top of page today. Do you notice any thing new? It is the Crasstalk Writer’s Guide and it is for all of you to make writing here easier. It has directions on how to post and good tips on making your posts great. If you write for here, I expect you to read it, even if you are a veteran. I am hoping it will make your lives easier by creating a central place to answer questions about the posting process. Please email us if you think something is missing.


Hey, remember that time today when we were talking about diaries? That sure was fun, wasn’t it? It is just about that time in the evening for some introspection and drinking your feelings until they’re numb from all of the throbbing emotional pain, so let me just get out my trusty pen and leather journal…

Oh god…oh god no…I feel it…it’s coming………it’s nostalgia.

Fuck. You again?

What are you guys feeling nostalgic about tonight?

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