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Recipe Sunday: Chicken and Veggie Skillet

I hate cleaning up after cooking. HATE IT. That is why, when I find a recipe that only gets one skillet dirty, I become a huge fan. The original recipe (which I found in the amah-zing Better Homes and Gardens Chicken Dinners magazine) calls for yellow squash, and does not include any onion and garlic, which I believe are a must for 90% of the dishes in my house. I also bought these great shiitake mushrooms at the grocery store and they complemented the other veggies nicely. – Read More –


Recipe Sunday: Crab Cakes

There is nothing better than a crab cake that is almost all crab. Seems silly to have to make this distinction, but depending on where you go, some crab cakes are about 80% fillers and 20% crab meat. This recipe is mostly lump crab meat, with just enough binders to keep the crab from falling apart during frying. These crab cakes are great on a bed of fresh spinach, and topped with your favorite vinaigrette. – Read More –


Recipe Sunday: Pasta Amatriciana

Today I am sharing with you my go-to pasta recipe. We eat this meal at least once a month, not only because it is delicious, but also because it is so easy to make. Everyone should have a go-to recipe that you make when you are tired and hungry, that only takes a few ingredients that you usually keep in your pantry. I think the original recipe came from Emeril, and I have tweaked it throughout the years. – Read More –

Pork Carnitas in Slow Cooker

Recipe Sunday: Slow Cooker Carnitas

A few weeks ago I shared with you a recipe for chicken tostadas. Since then, I couldn’t stop thinking about making some slow-cooked pork carnitas to try with the tostada recipe. I looked around the web for some inspiration, and then decided to create my own concoction, since I wanted a slightly sweet carnitas. The best part is that we used the leftovers a few nights ago. We just added a little barbeque sauce and bam: pulled pork sandwiches. Gotta love a dish that can multi-task. – Read More –


Recipe Sunday: Chicken Tostadas

Do you ever buy a whole cooked rotisserie or fried chicken? If you don’t eat the whole bird in one sitting, it can be tiring eating the same leftovers for a few extra meals. This chicken tostada recipe is a great way to give your chicken leftovers a delicious second chance. You can also substitute the chicken with pulled pork and take it to the next level. – Read More –


Recipe Sunday: Flan

This past Wednesday, my family went back to Panama after spending three weeks(!!!) staying in my house. A great perk of having my mom and my grandma in town is all the delicious food they make every single day. Last year my grandma tried to make a flan (one of my favorite desserts) using my double boiler to make the flan on the stovetop. It was a disaster, and my poor Tita stayed up until 1 a.m. waiting for the flan to set. This year we tried my mom’s friend’s flan recipe, and things turned out much better (and faster). – Read More –


Recipe Sunday: Soy Glazed Salmon

I received a cedar roasting plank as a wedding gift almost nine years ago. It sat, unused, for about 8 years. Then one day, I discovered that my local fish shop had wild-caught sockeye salmon (and later coho salmon, and king salmon, when they were in season). I was a fan of smoked salmon but not crazy about salmon fillets, but the deep, dark red color of the fish beckoned me, so I decided to buy some. When I got home, I busted out that cedar plank, and let me tell you, I’ve been using it at least once a month to make delicious roasted salmon. – Read More –


Recipe Sunday: Grits with Tomatoes, Arugula, and Smoked Sausage

While I was in Dallas about a month and a half ago, I discovered a delicious breakfast joint by the name of Ellen’s Southern Kitchen. I had breakfast there two out of four days, it was that good. Their motto is “Grits Rule”, and after trying their Poached Eggs and Grits, I had to agree. Once I got back home, I decided to try my hand at a dinner version of this dish. All it took was adding a little smoked sausage to transition from morning to evening fare. Serves 4. – Read More –


Recipe Sunday: Panamanian Chicken Pie

Unlike a traditional chicken pot pie, this recipe does not have a thick, rich sauce. I like to make this because it is a great way to use leftover chicken, and it only requires a few ingredients. The leftover pie will also reheat wonderfully in the toaster oven. – Read More –

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