Programming Note: GI and I have agreed that, while we will need to keep touching election topics in the near future, we do want to diversify the content as we go through this process. This would be you, the reader/listener’s cue to put in your two cents as to what would make a good topic. Hell, you can even ask to join us.

Seeing as how 40-odd minutes of us prattling on about the GOP convention seemed well received, we felt it only right to give, um, equal time to the opposition.

In this episode, we discuss the first two days of the DNC, the impact of Bill Clinton’s speech, nuns on a bus, cohesiveness of the Democratic party’s message, and why ‘income inequality’ seems to be an unspeakable phrase this week, despite the obviousness of the issue to anyone who leaves their house.

A bonus link to the story I reference in the episode about Fast Passes and their larger statement on our situation is here. It’s really and truly worth the read.

Radio Crass: A Not-At-All Biased Talk About the Democratic National Convention by Crasstalk Radio Team