Oh we’re gonna have some fun today.

“White House to Press: ‘Do your jobs’ when reporting on Obama’s private sector remark.” – Jennifer Bendery (Huffington Post)

Perhaps someone should show the White House this chart. It might save them a lot of time and aggravation.

“Dem a loot, dem a shoot, dem a wail” – Metrosexual Black AbeJ (Balloon Juice)

The elites have spent the last thirty years looting the country, and now they’re upset that their serfs don’t respect them? I’m sorry, I appear to be all out of fucks to give. Forget Second Amendment solutions; these people should count themselves lucky we’re not employing Louis XVI solutions.

“How can you live in Wisconsin and not recognize real cheese?” – J.B.S. “Doghouse” Riley (Doghouse Riley)

After careful consideration, The Daily Sausage is prepared to make it’s first candidate endorsement:

The Crasstalk Daily Political Sausage endorses John Gregg, Democrat, for Governor of Indiana.

Why am I endorsing John Gregg? Because this is his campaign logo:

Seriously. That’s his campaign logo. Also, Mike Pence is Rick Santorum, if he were more of an insufferable dick.

“Good news, Liberals: ‘Crazy’ Michele Bachmann is back” – Molly Ball (The Atlantic)

Wait, she left? The hell did I miss?

“Here is the annual photo of Joe Biden threatening kids with a water gun” – David A. Graham (The Atlantic)

Presented without comment.

“Norquist warns GOP not to compromise on Bush Tax Cuts” – Sahil Kapur (TPM)

When the GOP refuses to agree to any kind of revenue raising methods because of this man and his asinine pledge, and the global economy tanks as a result, let’s make sure our national angry mob heads in the right direction.

“Virginia Republicans oppose sea-level rise language” – Eric Lach (TPM)

Things Virginia Republicans also oppose: science, truth, and common sense.

“Booed at GOP debate, gay soldier now campaigns against DOMA” – David Taintor (TPM)

Because I don’t ever want people to forget that an audience of old white people, most of whom have never served in the military a day in their lives, booed an active duty soldier serving overseas because he was gay.

“BREAKING: Department of Justice sues Florida over voter purge” – Judd Legum (ThinkProgress)

“BREAKING: Governor Rick Scott announces Florida will sue Obama Administration over voter purge” – Judd Legum (ThinkProgress)

I wish these two would just fuck already and get it over with.

On a related note, look at this picture and tell me what you see:

“Two more health insurers pledge to preserve parts of Obamacare” – Igor Volsky (ThinkProgress)

So even if Obamacare goes down in flames thanks to an activist reactionary Supreme Court, parts of the law will still stand. To sum up: billions of teeth were gnashed over not a whole lot.

“Public-sector austerity in one graph” – Ezra Klein (Wonkblog)

I’m beginning to think that Paul Krugman’s idea of faking an alien invasion to spur government spending isn’t such a bad one after all. I mean, a couple of guys dressed in rubber suits blow up a few small towns somewhere, Congress authorizes a trillion dollars for X-COM, and you just distribute it to the states to build infrastructure in the guise of fighting extraterrestrials.